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At Mona Moon, skin is our hallmark. We choose, treat and work with the best leathers to create unique leather accessories for women, with style, personality and handmade in Spain .

Set your style following the new trends:

Since our foundation in 2013, the main premise of the brand has been to create leather articles that accompany women in their daily lives. Lightness is the key to each of our bags and leather goods, but without giving up the latest trends and fashion. For mona moon it has always been a priority to work with very light and soft leathers of the best quality. We only reinforce the necessary parts with the latest generation lightweight materials that make our designs weigh very little so that you can enjoy them during a long working day or a night out. & nbsp;
In our online store you can find leather goods such as bags and other leather goods. We design and create lightweight leather items for women with personality and perfect for any occasion .
In our online store you can buy the leather item that best suits you and your lifestyle.
The quality and originality of our leathers and the artisan manufacturing process in our taller de Almería makes each piece unique and special, a jewel that you can wear whenever and wherever you want.


At mona moon we design and manufacture different leather accessories for women by hand, we have a wide variety of models, sizes and colors so that you can find your ideal complement in our online store.
On the web we offer you & nbsp; accessories of different types of skin, & nbsp; including exotic ones. Each season we choose the leathers one by one to make all the bags and accessories in our workshop following traditional processes and techniques that make them unique. At Mona Moon we have our own concept of design and craft creation where we mix materials, textures and color to make leather accessories for women of the best quality, durability and functionality.


Both in our & nbsp; workshop in Almería and in others close to Mona Moon, each bag and & nbsp; & nbsp; leather accessory is Handcrafted following traditional processes and techniques that have endured over time. & nbsp; Each of our leather accessories is made with care and dedication, thus achieving unique pieces with soul.
Our shop-workshop located in the center of Almería was declared by the Junta de Andalucía as a "Artisanal Point of Interest" in July 2018.
During the process of cutting, assembling and manufacturing all our handmade leather accessories They follow a strict quality control of the finishes thus guaranteeing their durability.

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