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About Us

Mona moon was born in Almería as a project full of enthusiasm and creativity. Carmen Gómez, CEO of the firm, is an Engineer by profession and designer by vocation. In the middle of the economic crisis, she abandons a job that no longer excites her to start this adventure. Mona moon is a handbag brand with a very personal spirit and captivating design. The purity of lines and innovation in the finishing of the leathers represent the heart of the brand.
Since our beginning in 2013 we advocate the consumption of timeless accessories, handcrafted with a design halfway between art and functionality, the result is striking, very light, practical and urban bags designed for real women who do not give up on Fashion.
As a result of our passion for craftsmanship, all our creations are always produced on a small scale in our workshop in an ethical and sustainable way and using leather, generally the highest quality cowhide. We love leather as a noble and durable material, which is why all our creations age without losing their beauty.
Over time, the bags will darken with continuous exposure to light, rubbing and contact, this causes the skin to soften wonderfully so that each bag has its own story and is unique as the person who wears it.
Our shop-workshop located in the center of Almería (C/ de Las Tiendas 27, local 1) was recognized by the Junta de Andalucía as a "Artisanal Point of Interest" (BOJA, July 23, 2018).