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Frequent Questions

Can I find Mona Moon bags in other multi-brand stores in Spain?

At Mona Moon we do not work with multi-brand stores, we only sell the products in our physical store in the center of Almería (C / de Las Tiendas 27, local 1) and through the website

Does Mona moon have its own physical stores?

We only have our Mona Moon Shop-Workshop located in the center of Almería (C /de Las Tiendas 27, local 1). We do not work with multi-brand stores in other cities, in this way we can maintain affordable retail prices in the case of bags made with noble raw materials such as premium leather and an ethical and sustainable manufacturing system. Multi-brand stores work with margins that we cannot afford.

Can a gift order be prepared?

Yes, you can indicate it in the "Note" section when you are processing the purchase and we will wrap the inside of the shipping box with gift paper.

What happens if the bag I bought breaks?

All our products are guaranteed for manufacturing defects, that is, if you detect a problem shortly after buying the bag, you should contact us by sending an email with a photograph of the bag to In a period of 24-48 business hours we will send a courier agency to the address you indicate as collection and you will have it back with you in a few days at no cost to you. We try to give the best possible after-sales service and learn every day to be better in the future.

We are not responsible for problems arising from the passage of time or misuse of the bag.

Can I customize a bag?

You can customize some of the models made of Snake or python skin, specifically those sold in a "pre-sale" format, we can make the model larger or smaller compared to the one offered on the web, add interior and / or exterior pockets and choose the right one. color among the 3 possibilities we have for web orders: camel, black or natural / beige. You must contact us through our mail or by phone 950 030 776 to define the changes you want with respect to the base model. Normally, adding size and pockets includes a price increase that must be paid once the bag is made and before shipping.

If you come to Almería you can stop by our Mona Moon Shop-Workshop (C / de Las Tiendas 27, local 1) and choose other colored and fantasy python skins from the existing stock and we will send it home when it is finished.

Can I exchange one bag for another?

Yes, in that case you must buy the new one and notify the change to the contact address and from mona moon we will make a shipment with collection, that is, the courier will deliver the new bag when you give him the package of the The bag you want to return, once it arrives at Mona Moon and we verify that everything is correct, the money will be refunded. This process will be totally free for you.

Are all bags made of real leather?

Yes, all our designs are made with genuine leather, generally of bovine origin, although we also usually use goat leather. The descriptions of each model specify the nature of each of the materials that make up the bag. We buy 95% of the leather we use from Spanish companies and only the remaining 5% from Italian companies. We also use exotic python skin in some models.

Does the snake / python skin comply with international regulations?

Yes, at Mona Moon we only use exotic skins that comply with Washington convection and all of them have a CITES merchandise sales certificate. If your purchase is made outside the European Union, we will add this certificate together with the purchase invoice to the shipping box.

Are the bags handmade?

Of course, we create all our bags by hand, one by one, following artisanal techniques. Our main workshop is located in the heart of Almería (C / de Las Tiendas 27, local 1) and was declared in 2018 by the Junta de Andalucía «Workshop of Artisanal Interest». We also work with an associated workshop in Ubrique mainly for leather goods.

How can I clean a bag if it gets stained?

It depends on the skin and the origin of the stain, the ideal is that you consult us before using a specific product because it may not be appropriate. You can send us an email to or call +34 950 030 776 and we will be happy to advise you and help you with the problem.

If I place an order today when does it arrive?

Peninsula: If you place the order from Monday to Thursday before 5:00 p.m., it will arrive the next day if you are in a city or it may be in 48 hours if you are in a small town, likewise, the orders you make On Friday before 5:00 p.m. you will receive them on Monday or Tuesday depending on your location and those made on Saturday or Sunday will not arrive at their destination until Tuesday because we prepare them on Monday during business hours.
Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: Orders may take 24 hours longer than described for the Peninsula.

Can I receive the order at an address other than my home address?

Of course, in the shopping cart you can fill in a section with the shipping address where you want to receive your order and it may be different from the billing address.