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Handmade leather bags for women

At mona moon you can choose from a variety of shapes and colors your handmade, light and original leather bag.

Blue shoulder bag in dragon-scale engraved leather and cognac-colored leather strap..
Ex Tax:103.31€
Red leather bag  closed with a metal zip. Printed nylon strap extendable to shoulder strap...
Ex Tax:136.36€
Red shoulder bag in dragon-scale engraved leather and cognac-colored leather strap..
Ex Tax:103.31€
Very light leather bag to hang on the shoulder with a leather strap finished in 2 large knots...
Ex Tax:148.76€
Unisex brown leather bag closed with a metal zipper, it has two leather handles and a printed nylon strap to cross over the shoulder...
Ex Tax:161.16€
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At Mona Moon we design and create handmade leather bags, its main feature to highlight is its lightness. All of our leather bags for women are traditionally handmade in our Almería workshop and in other associated local workshops.

What we highlight the most about our leather bags are the details, textures and quality of the leather with which we work. Every season we design new models of leather bags for women that we add to our well-known Mona Moon basics.

Our goal is to be able to offer you the opportunity to buy comfortable and practical leather bags for women of the best quality that improve your day to day, such as the convertible leather backpacks that you can find on our website.


Light and original leather bags


When we start sketching new designs, we always do it thinking about getting lightweight leather bags, because they are intended for the real woman. The one who spends hours away from home and does not carry a handmade leather bag just for an aesthetic reason, but needs it to carry everything she needs with her  throughout the day; the mobile phone, the keys, the wallet, the glasses ... and many other things. 

Lightness is the key to each of our leather bags. For Mona moon it has always been a priority to work with very light, original and soft leathers of the best quality.

We only reinforce the necessary parts with the latest generation lightweight materials that make the designs of each bag to weigh very little.

This is the most important feature and we are proud of it in our workshop. In addition, we are committed to light, original, practical and comfortable leather bags with wide leather straps to support the shoulders.

Most of our designs allow multiple position changes to spread the weight across the body throughout the day and avoid back injuries.

Buy handmade leather bags online


In our online store you can find and buy all styles of handmade leather bags.

 We want your leather bag to accompany you wherever you want: a trip, a special occasion, at work, on an excursion with your children... For this reason, we want you to identify with it so that you feel comfortable without giving up fashion. 

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